Who we are

We are “KC COMPUTERS”  ever-growing and rapidly involving market for IT products since 1999 in Ludhiana, Punjab, now our branches in several cities of Punjab, including  Chandigarh.

Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with total computer solutions for business, industry, and individuals. Our company philosophy has always been to help our customers solve their problems and to provide them with service before and after every sale. Customer satisfaction has always been the guiding force of our company since it was founded.

What can we do for you ?

We can provide best price, service & support to let our customers feel awesome,

[mc_service_icon title=”Fast Delivery” description=”With the help of our shipping partners we are capable to deliver orders on time, using their professional support, we are able to provide Fast Delivery to our customers and fulfill shipment needs.” icon_class=”fa-truck”]
[mc_service_icon title=”Support 24/7″ description=”Our team members available 24/7 to provide best customer support and services to never let our customers down,” icon_class=”fa-life-saver”]
[mc_service_icon title=”Best Quality” description=”Quality is always our top priority which provide our customers piece of mind while shopping online or offline with us.” icon_class=”fa-star”]

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